Episode 3: Witt/Kieffer Executive Search Firm, Managing Partner: Robin Mamlet (Former Dean of Admissions Stanford University)

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Would you like a career finding the next President of a College/University? Interested in a career as a Dean of Admissions? Would you like tips on applying to college from Stanford’s former Dean of Admissions? If so, then check out this podcast!

We’re so proud to introduce today’s guest, Robin Mamlet, Managing Partner and practice leader of the Executive Search Firm, Witt/Kieffer . What initially caught our eye about Robin, was the amazing book that she and Christine Vanvevelde co-authored, College Admission from Application to Acceptance, Step by Step.  We read the book and loved it and thought Robin would be an excellent resource for all of our listeners.  

When Robin wrote the book, she had years of experience in admissions, beginning at her alma mater, Occidental College, then moving on to Sarah Lawrence CollegeThe Lawrenceville SchoolSwarthmoreand finally atStanford University where she was the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. 

With all this amazing experience in education under her belt, she stepped into her current role where she directs search assignments for Presidents, Provosts, Vice-Presidents and Deans for the Witt/Kieffer’s most valued clients.

In today’s podcast she shares some great tips on the college admissions process, the changing landscape of college and universities across the nation, and what is required of leaders to bring educational institutions into the future.

Keywords: Executive Search Professional, Author, Dean of Admissions, Dean of Financial Aid, Recruiter