Episode 12: College Wrestling Coach: Mike Morin

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Are you interested in becoming a wrestling coach at the college level?  Or any level?  Or are you currently wrestling or maybe you are a parent of a wrestler?  This podcast gets into all levels of wrestling from the early years, through college and onto college coaching.

This week, Mike Morin joins us, an avid wrestler through high school and college (a two-time NCAA Division III All-American) and now the head coach for the University of Southern Maine (USM) wrestling team.  Mike talks about youth wrestling and sports in general, his experience with wrestling through his high school and college careers and finally how he moved from athlete to coach.

Mike is great to listen to even if wrestling is not your thing!  His passion for the sport comes through and it is an inspiring story that anyone would enjoy.  We are so impressed with Mike’s achievements…he might just be one of the youngest college head coaches anywhere.  So, tune in to learn more about Mike’s career which could quite possibly inspire your own!

Check here to read Coach Morin’s bio.