Episode 58:Do the Humanities Have a PR Problem? With Krista Law Jackman & Molly Campbell

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If you are average, you will change jobs like 14 times.

Technical skill will get you that first job. But those who pivot, advance, and move into leadership positions are more likely to have…a strong foundation in the humanities. Wow. But it is STEM studies that have higher perceived value.

Lecturers Molly Campbell and Krista Jackman think the humanities have a PR problem. “People think, ‘Oh, that career path doesn’t have one particular outcome.’ People are saying that like that’s a flaw when it’s actually the whole point, to prepare you for a wide variety of careers.”

In response, they pitched the Mellon Foundation. Now, they elevate the impact of the humanities in their community and have “very fuuuuuuull calendars.” Their six HUGEmanities initiatives are changing the way people see, and assign value to, the liberal arts.

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