Episode 59: “Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Even Exist Yet”, with Michelle Weise, PhD

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What does the future of work and learning look like?

What do you need to know to prepare?

According to Dr. Michelle Weise, “for the future of work, we are all going to have to be very skilled problem solvers and system thinkers” and “that really does require a different approach on the part of higher-ed institutions in cultivating those kinds of learners.” 

Michelle’s work focuses on the bottom 25% of income earners and what needs to change to help them to overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving academic and career success. One of the largest barriers Michelle describes is solving for time and lack of funds.

We talk about A.I’s role:

  • Helping to bridge the gap for employers to understand if a potential employee has the skill set they need.
  •  Helping employees to feel confident that the education or training that they are pursuing will lead to work.

Right now, we are teaching in silos. Things will need to become more interdisciplinary. Michelle provides examples of organizations that are doing it well.

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