Episode 60: Learn What it Takes to Become a Quality Assurance Engineer & Operations Manager with José Díaz Aquino

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Interested in learning what it takes to become a Quality Assurance Engineer?  Packaging Science expert? Our guest, José Díaz Aquino, shared that if you have eaten Cheerios in your lifetime, “I, no kidding, probably packaged it.”

José shares his wealth of expertise in quality assurance engineering where he reached high levels of responsibility at General Mills.

You will learn the advantages and drawbacks of working as a quality assurance engineer, what it takes to prepare for a career in this field and why our bags of chips have so much air in them. 

José is so well-rounded.  He played basketball in college and talks about a complete career switch to become the Assistant Director of Career Programming at Northern Arizona University, which you will learn about in this podcast.

José is talented, funny, smart, and kind.  He was a pleasure to interview!  

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