Episode 61: Tips and Strategies for Career Service Providers and Job Seekers with Rich Feller, PhD

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Do you work in career services or career development?  Looking for a career?  If so, join us for an in-depth conversation with Rich Feller, PhD, a nationally known and respected leader in the career development space.

We ask Rich how career coaches/counselors can best serve the public and he offers some incredible advice that you will not want to miss including the best four questions to ask your clients and students.

We also discussed strategies for job seekers and Rich provides some great tips for everyone from high school age through to retirement.

We talk about the HEROIC Mindset model that Rich has created which helps people to negotiate any situation that life may present from changing jobs to receiving a cancer diagnosis.

You will learn about many programs and tools that Rich has created that will assist anyone looking for career clarity or guidance. Specifically the You Science aptitude assessment that really pulls out your natural abilities and talents and shows how they fit with real world careers.

It was enlightening getting into the “weeds” with Rich on topics such as the challenges people face in breaking out of poverty or minimum-wage jobs,  and the difficulties associated with up-skilling or acquiring an education. Also, Rich shares his thoughts on a variety of career theories.

Rich is a talented, kind, and humble man that leaves us with a wealth of tools and knowledge. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Rich as much as we did.

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