Episode 69: Emily Steliotes, MS, GCDF – Food Systems Scientist, Career Coach and Podcast Host of Evolution Eats

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Join us for an in-depth conversation with food systems scientist expert and career coach, Emily Steliotes.  Emily says that “the role of industry and policy and regulation is really complex.” 

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 √ Learning about a career as a food systems scientist and how to break into this field

√ Learning about the emerging field of food systems sustainability and research

√ Farm to Fork

√ Agriculture to Nutrition

√ How the production of food impacts our health

√ Learning about the complex relationship between food and the environment/our health

√ The growing interest in food system science

√ Industrial agriculture and the negative impact on the environment

√ How food transportation impacts the environment

√ Soil health

√ Overuse of pesticides

√ Positive developments in the food industry

√ Animal welfare

√ Plant-based and cell-based meat products

√ Why a land grant university might a good choice for you if this is a field that interests you

√ Nutrition

√ Study abroad and immersion in a second language (Spanish)

Emily really knows her stuff and her passion for food science comes through in our conversation. She is bright, motivated and most importantly, working hard to help make our food better, healthier and with less impact to the enironment.


Keywords: Tufts University, UC Davis