Listener Comments

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You are amazing and I posted your interview with Nancy Schlossberg on my website for students to watch when we discuss Career Theory. Everyone LOVES it and gained such a clear understanding. I can’t thank you enough!

OMG that podcast was AMAZING!!  Great questions and you and Bobbie are perfect at that!!  Love the “rapid fire” questions!!  Hysterical!!

I think this whole idea of your podcast is extremely unique, this is something I will direct to my clients because there isn’t one who wouldn’t benefit from this, it is a phenomenal idea.

Continue your good work in highlighting all the exceptional young, hardworking ladies and gentlemen who are out in this crazy world following their dream, being great mentors and making our world a better place through their work and good moral character.   

In case I didn’t say it strongly enough before, I loved your podcast with Rachel. You did such a good job, and I was so impressed by how many different people had questions at the end. The community’s interest in and enthusiasm about her really shined through. 

You both are terrific interviewers, @all_career. Thank you again for the opportunity to talk about our work at @Macs_List and how we help people get better at job hunting. #podcast

These two have a wealth of knowledge, education, and personal experience in helping students make the choice that will fit their needs and path to college or careers.

Very helpful and their podcast is amazing!

It was so special to share the stage, and give a small shoutout at the end to these two superwomen: Meg and Bobbie. For those of you who don’t know, Meg and Bobbie are sisters born and raised in Maine, who raised incredible families in Maine, and had long, successful careers in Engineering and Business Management. Now, in their 50s, they’ve started a new business venture together aimed at equipping people with knowledge & resources about careers they might be interested in pursuing. They’re podcasting and teaching online accredited programs – all while planning and getting ready to do a >100mile Haute Trail backpacking trek through the Alps together this summer (amongst other things!)! I’m privileged to call them close family-friends whose support in all my endeavors has been ineffable since as long as I can remember; and who have, and continue to, inspire me on an array of levels🙏🏼💛

I just listened to your most recent podcast, I have never heard of the school, I love the concept of that type of education. He sounds like an amazing man. You two did a fantastic job!

Very helpful career insights! Bobbie and Meg provide a platform for those who want to investigate another or new career with focused questions and wonderful insights from a huge array of careers. Their interview styles are so collaborative and the guests provide unique perspectives in beginning, managing, and growing a career in specific areas. I highly recommend this podcast to my clients.

Highly Recommend! Meg and Bobbie are fantastic hosts with interesting guests on the pod! I’d highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking to learn more about different career paths or how to get your career started.

Excellent Podcast! Meg and Bobbie are so fun to listen to. They interview a very interesting person in their first podcast. I can’t wait to hear many more episodes! Would highly recommend and I will definitely mention this podcast to my friends and family.