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FCD Training, Career Coaching, Academic Advising & College Coaching and Academic & Career Talks (see below for more info)

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fcd training

Interested in becoming a Certified Career Services Provider, (earning your CCSP credential from the NCDA); or a Global Career Development Facilitator (earning your GCDF credential from the CCE), or a Certified Career Counselor, (earning your CCC credential from the NCDA)? If so, I can help!

To become certified, you must first complete the FCD Training course offered by the NCDA (National Career Development Association) and I am a nationally trained to be an instructor for this course.  I would love to work with you!

I offer an 11-week remote learning online course, including weekly Zoom video conferences.  The courses generally begin the 2nd and 4th week of each month (refer to registration form for exact start and end dates and pricing).

To register for the course and to select a start date click here.

If you have any questions about the course, you can email me.

To learn more, visit my website.

The Facilitating Career Development (FCD) course is offered for private career practitioners, resume writers, workforce & employment professionals, college advisors and career center staff, human resource professionals, recruiting and outplacement professionals, non-profit professionals, and all other interested in becoming Certified Career Services Providers.

career coaching

I can help you to achieve career clarity and assist with the job seeking process. I work with all ages. If you work with me, you will learn how to make thoughtful career choices…. And I will help you to get hired! My services are personalized and affordable. To learn more about my services or to schedule an appointment.

academic advising & college coaching

I help clients to achieve academic clarity. I am experienced at helping others decide on the best educational path for them, resulting in more career happiness and success.  I can help you to make a thoughtful choice.  I have my master’s degree in Academic & Career Advising and I am a certified college counselor. Investing in college is expensive and preparing for a career takes time. Do not waste your time or money…. Work with me and learn how to make thoughtful academic and career decisions. I work with all ages. My services are personalized and affordable. To learn more about my services and to schedule an appointment.

academic & Career talks

It would be my pleasure to speak at your event, workplace, college, etc… Please email me for a quote to be your keynote speaker on popular topics such as: How to Achieve Career Clarity, Resume & LinkedIn Advice, Networking and the Hidden Job Market and Job Interviews. Affordable pricing.

meg’s credentials

  • FCD Training Instructor | NCDA
  • Certified Career Services Provider | NCDA
  • Global Career Development Facilitator | CCE
  • Adjunct Faculty Member | University of Maryland Global Campus (Instructs Career Planning Management & Program & Career Exploration)
  • Academic Advisor: Master of Science in Academic Advising Kansas State University
  • Certified College Counselor | Graduate Certificate Degree in College Counseling UCLA Extension
  • Co-Host & Creator of “All Things College & Career” Podcast
  • Featured Guest on Podcasts & Keynote Speaker
  • Member NCDA
  • Member of the Maine Career Development Association
  • Member NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling)
  • Member NACADA (National Academic Advising Association)
  • Published Article in NCDA’s Career Convergence Web Magazine: Career Interviews as a Resource for Career

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